Born, Unborn and Born Again

Born, Unborn and Born Again revolves around my struggle to embody the White Horse, a zodiac sign which occurs every 60-year cycle in East Asian Countries. This film explores the transnational nature of governmental control over reproductive systems, and how this oppression manifests in our bodies and perceptions of self. I use the structure of my mother tongue, Korean, and my second language, English, to contemplate ruptures, repetition of time, and violence against women. An untold history resurfaces in the present, and re-orients us towards the future.

다신, 태어나, 다시 Born, Unborn and Born Again, Single HD Video, Sound, 12m 23s, 2019

Proofreading by Em Rea, Min Baek
Sound by Michael Bailey
Supported by The Sachs Program for Arts Innovation

*The full video is available upon request.